Your Assets

What Are Your Assets?

A CPA might say that your assets are your cash on hand, your investment holdings, your personal belongings, your car, your house and any other real property you own.  Real property refers mostly to real estate in the form of land, with or without a permanent building on it.  These can be taken from you if you don’t know how to protect them.

Make a list of all these assets:

  1. cash on hand
  2. cash in the bank
  3. your investment holdings
  4. your personal belongings
  5. your car
  6. your house
  7. other real property you own land or land with improvements

Other Assets

No one can steal your education, your experience, your skills, or your interests.  These can be more valuable than your other assets, when you put them to work.  Your education isn’t necessarily only what you learned in school.

Make a list of all these assets:

  1. Education
  2. Experience
  3. Jobs you’ve done
  4. Skills
  5. Interests (include hobbies)
  6. Knowledge

This is where you are today.  Five years ago, you had either fewer or more assets.  Most people don’t stay exactly the same with their assets/

This is your starting point on your journey.  You may like it or you may not.  Just like on a road trip, you do have to recognize and understand where you are starting from.