Wealth Vehicles


How Many Ways Are There To Grow Wealth?

What About Vehicles?

There are lots of cars around.  All sizes, all shapes (well, not all) many makes and many models are on the road.  Just as there are many different vehicles, there are many ways to grow wealth.  You can’t do them all at once, just as the same as you can’t drive several cars at the same time.

“To become a billionaire, you have to have the mentality of a billionaire. This particular state of mind concentrates all knowledge and intelligence on a single and unique goal.” – John Paul Getty, a business man, who made it in the oil business.

Wealth Vehicles Of Stellar Achievers

John Paul Getty is said to have started with $10,000.  Oil was his vehicle.  He had a net worth of $6,000,000,000 in 1976 when he died.  In today’s dollars that is about 21 billion dollars.  His museum is now worth over 5.6 billion dollars.

Sara Blakely, the creator and owner of Spanx, said she started with $5,000.  She is now a billionaire.  She wanted to be a lawyer, but said she couldn’t pass the LSAT, according to her story.  She was self-taught in business and had no experience with manufacturing.

James Patterson is a writer with a net worth of around $750,000,000, according to celebritynetworth.

Tom Cruise, according to celebritynetworth, is worth $570,000,000

Henry Ford, who manufactured cars, had a net worth of $200,000,000,000.

They were vastly different pursuits, but the commonality is that they reached huge numbers of people with their products or creations.

What Is Your Vehicle or Niche?

You’ll need to drill down into a market which aligns with you, what you know, and your interests to discover your unique niche.  You may have more than one and that’s okay, but start with one.  Try writing down and describing your niche.


Whatever your niche, you’ll have to market it or nobody will know where to find you.  Online marketing is huge and sales online are increasing dramatically, year after year.  There’s no end in sight.  By 2040, some are saying that 95% of all sales will be done online.  It will require marketing for all those products to be discovered and known.