Money Mind

Your Foundation

Your foundation is what everything else is built on, just like any building.  True or False?  Both.  What lies under the foundation is even more important.

Without geotechnical engineers, tall buildings all over the world would be sinking into the ground.  Here is one, not sinking and is unlike the Tower of Pisa:

Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower, photo by Chuck Stewart

Your Money Mind

Wealth doesn’t start in your bank account or in your investment portfolio.  It starts in your mind.  I know.  I am living proof.  I’ve failed more times than I wish to count but I’ve also succeeded.  Someone said that if you can change your mind, you can change your life.  Before we get all mystical, let’s think about a few things in your money mind.  Your brain + your money = Your wealth.

Nothing is instant.  Everything happens in steps or stages.  You have to take one step at a time or you may be motionless.  The universe’s law of inertia describes this phenomenon.  If you don’t plan to win, you are going to fail, more than likely.

The steps can be fast or they can be slow.  Still, getting from point A to point B takes time.  The time factor, the rate of speed, the distance between A and B are part of an equation.

There is a common “reality” that it is impossible to get rich quickly.  Most people are so insensitive and negligent of details, that they instead say, “Get rich quick” not knowing or caring that the -ly is part of an adverb.  Not knowing parts of speech, grammar or rules of syntax may not necessarily inhibit wealth, but a writer doesn’t earn hundreds of millions of dollars by ignoring such things.

A restaurateur friend of mine, when being interviewed, said, “The devil is in the details.”   Is it the devil?  Is it the evil in the word d’evil?  Maybe it is the “good orderly discipline” used as the acronym: G.O.D., by Julia Cameron in her book, The Artist’s Way.

So, is it the devil or the god in the details which, when sufficient, result in a very valuable and exchangeable product or service?  The more detailed plans are, the more success is possible and even probable.  Any successful architect in the world knows this absolutely.  My friend, who owns three thriving restaurants, has a healthy money mind.

Back to money.  Since things happen in steps and since the speed of steps and the distance traveled affect the outcome, mathematics and statistics can be applied to analyze the probability of wealth.

Speed can result in power.  You can hold a bullet in your hand and nothing much happens.  You can stick it in a working gun and shoot it and the speed has huge consequences with power.

Maybe you don’t like bullets but if you were a framer or a roofer, a nail gun certainly speeds up your work.  If you make money too slowly, you die before you ever have wealth.  This is the reason that people do want to “get rich quick”.  The two factors involved in wealth are time and quantity.

A thousand dollars in an hour is a quantity over time.  A dollar in a thousand hours is also a quantity over time.  Before it looks ridiculous, consider that a man named Forest Mars became a billionaire from pennies of profit on candy bars, due to the number of them sold.

Your concept of money is all in your head.  Is your reality feeding you or eating you?  Ready to do something about it?  “What’s in your head will make you thrive or make you dead.”

There’s are vast differences between a computer, which is a tool, and the human brain.  There are similarities, but the differences in content, organization, and function are astounding.  They are as different as a 3d digital printer is from a spoon.

Value Systems Are Like Food

When you think of food, you think of good food.  There’s more to it than that.  Some food tastes great but it can be lacking in nutrition or can be very high in calories or salt.  Most soups are very high in salt.  Bread can be high in calories and if you have celiac disease, wheat bread would be a very bad choice.  It could make a person with celiac disease very ill.

Value systems can make you mentally healthy or mentally ill, when it comes to your outcome.  Spoiled food could kill you.  Tainted value systems make for tainted outcomes.  Good food is good food.

Single Mom Crockpot Kid-Friendly Turkey Chili Recipe
Single Mom Crockpot Kid-Friendly Turkey Chili Recipe

You Need To Discover Your Value Systems

What?  Your value systems are like a filter through which you see things.  Many decisions are made through your value systems.  Relationships, purchases, what you will do next, and what you will not do, can all be affected by your value systems.   They will feed you or they will eat you.  They either serve you or they stop you or they make you make bad decisions.

How? How can you explore your value systems?  Two words are found in most value systems: if and then.   If he doesn’t call, then he doesn’t __________ love me, like me, respect me, have consideration.  If I am low on money, then I must conserve it or cut down on spending or make more money.  If the cashier at the store is grouchy, then she does not like me.  Maybe her boss just yelled at her and she was in a bad mood and it has nothing to do with you.  If a person is wealthy, then that person is evil or bad or a criminal.

Why? If you have ever judged someone, you had criteria you used.  More than likely it was part of a value system.  If your judgement turned out to be wrong and your actions destroyed a friendship or a relationship, the value system was faulty but you didn’t have a secondary filter to prevent a bad outcome.  For future, hit your “pause button”.  Re-evaluate.  Observe.  Analyze.  Explore.  You can change your mind a little and that will change your life for the better. That is why you want to discover your value systems.

Pay Attention To Your Value Systems

  • Pay attention to your thoughts, when you are at a crossroads or a fork in your road. Look for value systems
  • Make a note on your phone, on paper, or in a journal when you discover a value system and write it down.
  • Organize your value systems when you have uncovered three or more of them.
  • Make a new value system when you have found on that’s harmful, unusable, or is based on lies.
  • This is just the beginning. We can dive much deeper into this.  Change your mind for the best.