About Us

We’re a team of people who are looking for what many others are looking for.  We’re looking for a special kind of freedom.

We’re looking for elusive things, such as passive income.  We have cash flow.  We have business experience and knowledge.  We have education and sets of skills.

We’re working daily to improve, enhance, and expand those.  We come from professional backgrounds.

Chuck Stewart travels.
Chuck Stewart and Espresso in Paris

I’m the editor-in-chief here.

A little about me:

Netherlands resident. Work in music. More honesty: I am a freak. I am weird, by some people’s estimation. I am (gulp) a true Renaissance Man. A student of mine once told me that she believed I was the reincarnation of Leonardo DaVinci. I make no claim for that.

I’ve been writing music since 1967. I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember. Performed in the Midwest and Southeast U. S. before moving to Las Vegas, where I worked as: a singer, trombonist, keyboard player, commercial producer, writer, voiceovers, vocal coach, general contractor, architect, and engineer.

Then, off to Florida continuing all of the above and had voice students who were recording artists, some went to Broadway, some were on The Voice. 80 students per week sought me out. I also became an investor with 10 properties.

I did real estate school and insurance school. Now, I write music (over 2500 works) and I’m working on some screenplays, TV series, novels, courses, a magazine, and I do artwork done on computer. I’m learning internet marketing and affiliate marketing.

Chuck Stewart in London
Chuck Stewart in London on a windy day


I am working to help my daughter, who is a brilliant and artistic single mom with three children.  We are working to help other single moms who want a better lifestyle for their children and themselves.

Jaclyn Stewart
Jaclyn Stewart

My other daughter is a rockstar corporate employee and rockstar bar tender.

My mission is also to save them from the middle class.

My wife teaches German, French, and English, online and at the university, is an architectural drafter, and is a professional singer and dancer. We both performed in Las Vegas.  She has translated three books into German and also worked as a translator of French and German in Las Vegas.

Sheree Stewart
Sheree Stewart in Cologne, Germany

We’re looking at utilizing talent, knowledge, experience, and more to help others, especially single moms.  There are far too many single moms.  In the U.S. they number over 9.5 million.  Add their children to that enormous number and you start to see why it’s time to help.